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You can easily test the LaserLock copy protection, by protecting your application on CD-R with LaserLock online tools in-house.

Make a connection to LaserLock online tools, and protect a CD-R free of charge, for your test purposes.

In the LaserLock protected CD-Rs that are test copies, a bitmap with a text "This LaserLock protected CD-R is for test purposes only. Not for sale." will appear in the beginning, when the application stars. This text will appear only in the protected CD-Rs when they are free of charge test copies, and will not appear in the final commercial products.

Please note! LaserLock protection for CD-ROM is even stronger than the LaserLock protection CD-R, as the LaserLock protection for CD-ROM also checks the media to make sure that the application is not copy, running from a CD-R.

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