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Disc check

LaserLock uses its own proprietary tools to inject the LaserLock code into the executable. As a result of the "injection" process, the executable is encrypted.

When application starts, the LaserLock code runs first, and checks that the original optical disc is in the PC-drive. It checks that the LaserLock Physical Signature is in correct place and has a correct size, and that the hidden good data are in correct position.

Debug prevention

The LaserLock code that searches for the LaserLock physical signature on the disc, is protected by several layers of debug prevention code, making reverse engineering practically impossible.


Physical signature

The LaserLock physical signature is a number of corrupted sectors with hidden good data, created with the development of a custom format on the disc structure that can be identified only by the LaserLock software. The physical signature is unique for every application that is being protected.

The LaserLock for CD-ROM, and CD-R occupies 20MB of disc space, when the LaserLock for DVD-ROM occupies 40MB of disc space

In CD-ROM this size can be reduced down to 5MB in special cases (such as shape CDs or business-card CDs) but we highly recommend the maximum size, which achieves maximum security. In case your application occupies the entire 650 MB capacity of a standard CD-ROM, CD-Rs with bigger capacity (700 MB) can be used for the pre-mastering procedures.

The physical signature is applied during the mastering process for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and during the burning process for CD-R.

Although mastering can take place only at one of the LaserLock Mastering Licensees worldwide, you can press your optical disks at the pressing factory of your preference. LaserLock stampers can be used as standard stampers at every pressing factory.


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