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DVD-R Video
comming soon...

To submit your order please fill and send us the LaserLock form by email or Fax.


LaserLock has succeeded in developing an innovative copy protection system for DVD video. This new technology prevents both PC ripping and disc to disc copying. It is easy to apply and highly effective in reducing illegal copying. LaserLock protection scheme battle and conquer all DVD rippers today. It stops DVD ripping or copying, whilst still enabling you to watch the video content on your PC with all features supported. LaserLock protected disc plays perfectly in a DVD or Blu Ray player.

Careless has no place in business, hesitation kills business. . Protect what belongs to you. Unauthorized copying is getting the money from your pocket. Our protection can offer you a real defence against illegal copying. Apply LaserLock technology and increase your sales, maintain the value of your work. LaserLock protected titles have a longer market life.

Our technology does not modify and /or change the original content, it remains untouched. It does not install anything on the user PC. Nothing is left behind after the Disc is out of the drive.
Please provide us with your content either by courier or by FTP link. We will process directly and send you back a protected stamper that can be replicated in any factory of your choice.

DVD-R Video for multi-burners and towers is under developing and will be announced in the near future.

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