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How does LaserLock protection work?

LaserLock consists of the following successful combination:

Sophisticated Code Encryption and Protection software unique for each application eliminates generic protection cracks.

State-of-the-art integrity checking agents and anti-tampering measures are embedded in the software code.

A Unique Physical signature is placed on the CD-ROM, CD-R or DVD. This watermarks the disc in a way that cannot be reproduced.

When the protected software is run, the LaserLock CD-check software verifies the authenticity of the disc, and then allows the program to run normally.

It is this powerful combination that makes the LaserLock protection system so secure, unique and reliable.

Various implementation possibilities

Checking the original CD-ROM every time the application starts

Checking the original CD-ROM only during installation

Checking the original CD-ROM at regular intervals (e.g. every week)

Customized checking


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